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Workers skilled in the rehabilitation of historic buildings are in short supply in Chicago and across the nation. Many systemic barriers to accessing trades training programs still exist, including accessibility to a diverse and under-represented audience. Pullman Tech Workshop (PTW) is a nonprofit social enterprise formed by local area residents with a passion for preservation, education, and community revitalization to address these needs. With programming like our preservation literacy initiative, transitional employment, and porch build program, PTW hopes to fill this specialized gap in the construction industry through work-based education and community revitalization.

Our Vision

Strengthen, celebrate, and advance equitable community resources and opportunities.

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Our Mission

Pullman Tech Workshop invests in its community by educating and inspiring the next generation of historic trades workers on Chicago’s South Side through advanced workforce training, workshops, and transitional employment.

Our Location

Pullman Tech Workshop is located at11314 S. Front Avenue, in Chicago's Far South Side neighborhood of Pullman. 

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