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Youth Programing

Pullman Tech Workshop (PTW) is committed to building relationships with neighboring communities and after school programs by empowering local youth with the skills needed to achieve job-readiness. PTW accomplishes this by providing insight and awareness for the various alternative-to-college track training opportunities available. The program offers a basic introduction into historic preservation and the associated practices, in addition to proficient and safe tool usage.


Advanced Workforce Training Program (AWTP)

Participants of this program will be enabled to pursue higher living wages through the combination of skill development, job placement programming, and transitional employment opportunities. PTW‘s trade-specific training in the fields of historic preservation, restoration, and green-building technologies, yields participants who can excel in a rapidly evolving and in-demand market. Each cohort will receive on-site job training at the end of their program session where they will construct and maintain porches and other historically-accurate façade elements for the Pullman community.


Transitional Employment

This opportunity is for graduates of the AWTP which facilitates long-term success in the workforce and beyond. Individuals employed through the organization will work on a variety of construction-related jobs ranging from milling custom woodwork, building porches for historic Pullman row houses, restoring reclaimed building materials, and fabricating historically-accurate exterior components.


Community Resource Center

By leveraging workshops and information sessions from local artisans and partners, PTW empowers its AWTP participants to think and work more sustainably through the restoration of historic buildings by promoting the use of reclaimed building materials. The workshop’s retail store will offer a space to sell reclaimed, restored, and reconstructed building materials for use in Pullman buildings.

Stay tuned for updates as we launch new initiatives!

Historic Trades Apprenticeship Training

Property Redevelopment

Salvage Warehouse

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